Saturday 18 April 2020

Homemade Spicy Momos and Dip - a healthy version

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Food Blog Amma Ki Rasoi Momos Recipe


Homemade Dip
  • Tomatoes - 2 medium cut
  • Onion - 2 small cut
  • Garlic - 4 to 5 cloves minced
  • Ginger - 1 tbsp minced
  • Dhaniya powder - 1 tbsp
  • Red dry chilli
  • Green chilli
  • Ground nut
  • Salt - as per taste
  • 1 tsp oil
  • Oregano - 1 tsp (optional)
  • Tobasco - a few drops (optional)

Momos' stuffing
There is no dearth of options when it comes to veg stuffing for momos. Considering lockdown and available stock at home, we used the following:

  • 03 to 4 tbsp of minced cabbage, cauliflower, beans, capsicum
  • 3 to 4 tbsp of peas
  • Green chillies cut as per taste
  • 1 tbsp of minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp crushed ginger
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped Fresh Coriander leaves
  • Salt to taste

Momos' wrappers
  • 1 bowl Whole wheat
  • Salt to Taste
  • Water for kneading dough
  • 1/2 tsp oil for smooth and shiny dough
Let's prepare...

Dip -
  1. Keep wok on gas, once little hot add oil.
  2. Then add garlic and ginger, saute for a minute
  3. Add onion, saute till it turns translucent
  4. Add red dry chilli and add ground nuts. Now saute well.
  5. Add green chillies, tomatoes, salt and dhaniya powder. keep sauting.
  6. Once cooked, take wok off the fire and keep aside for cooling it down.
  7. Once cool, blend it properly. Add water for right consistency.
  8. In the end add oregano and tobasco drops. Mix well. Your dip is ready.

Momos' stuffing:

  1. Boil water in a big utensil.
  2. Now, blanch minced cabbage, cauliflower, beans, capsicum in the boiling water along add peas and finely chopped green chillies. Add salt to taste.
  3. Take the veggies out after roughly 3 minutes and strain well (don't throw the water, you can use it in kneading the dough)
  4. Now, keep wok on gas, once little hot add oil.
  5. Then add garlic and ginger, saute for a minute
  6. Now add strained veggies which you have just blanched. Saute well.
  7. Once done, add finely chopped coriander and mix well. Your momos stuffing is ready.
Food Blog Amma Ki Rasoi Momos Recipe

Momos' wrappers
  • In a utensil, add salt in aata (whole wheat) and knead the dough well using water you saved from blanching veggies.
  • In the end, use oil to give the dough smoothness and shine.
The final round
  1. Take small small portion from dough and make small rotis, just enough size to make momos.
  2. Place stuffing in the centre and wrap the roti in dimpling style.
  3. Once one batch is ready, steam them. For that, in cooker or a big utensil boil some water.
  4. Now, take a container, grease it and place momos in it. Now keep this container in the cooker with boiling water (water should not go above container level) 
  5. Cover the cooker and stream for 10 min or till momos are cooked.
  6. Once cooked enjoy your super healthy momos with super healthy dip.

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